Bali Blessings

When I arrive in Bali, energies begin to gather for the "Bali Blessings" Transmission.

Each part of the journey encapsulates vibrational qualities unique to Bali, which include deep reverence for beauty, art, and spirituality.

The trip to Bali is a "celestial odyssey" because those who register, travel with me in spirit. A collective consciousness forms ... between the Guides and Angels, myself, and all those who feel called to join me!

Bali Transmission

On the appointed day, at a sacred time and site, the "Bali Blessings" Transmission of "Belonging, Bliss, and Beauty", is angelically activated, and sent across the globe.

As the flow of the Transmission forms, your name is placed into the heart of it. The journey is chronicled with a booklet that's available to you, when I return!

Set your Spiritual Compass
to Bali!

Set your compass

Transmission from Bali

The "BALI BLESSINGS" Global Healing Transmission is facilitated
by Kiya Coté and her celestial Guides and Angels.

As an energy worker, Kiya has been transmitting energy
in various forms, since 1983.

Energy is typically transmitted through hands-on healing. Another method, from Reiki and other esoteric traditions, is transfering energy "remotely." Instead of being directed through the hands, healing energy is broadcast "over a distance" to the recipients – wherever they are. It moves "across the airwaves" to it's intended destination. It's highly effective, for both groups and individuals!

Kiya's Experience

The Angels initiated me to doing celestial Transmissions for groups – in the classroom, and beyond. A quantum shift occurred in 2003, while planning a Transmission for a seminar. The Angels suggested the registration form say, "If you aren't able to attend in person, you may receive the Transmission remotely."

To my surprise, as many people signed up for "Remote," as were in the classroom. Students were glad they could participate, even if they couldn't be there in person! Transmissions evolved into dual enrollment – in-person and remote. From that point on, my Guides and Angels were able to reach people beyond my geographical area.

Global Transmissions

Global Healing Transmissions came into form in 2003
when I traveled to Italy.
From an olive grove outside of Assisi, more than one hundred people
received a celestial Transmission, back home in the USA.
I felt the energy and presence of each person.
It was a powerful experience for everyone involved!

"BALI BLESSINGS" builds upon this experience by initiating
a global Transmission of "Belonging, Bliss, and Beauty",
from the marvelous world of Bali!

Map of Bali